Below are the full and half colour standards effective from 1st January 1996.

10 km15 km21 km42 km56 km90 km
Senior MenFull32:0049:151:11:002:30:003:30:006:00:00
Veteran MenFull34:0052:151:15:452:40:003:45:006:25:00
Master MenFull36:0055:301:20:302:50:004:00:006:50:00
Grand Master MenFull39:301:02:001:26:003:05:004:15:007:25:00
Senior WomenFull38:0058:301:25:003:00:004:15:007:15:00
Veteran WomenFull40:001:01:301:30:003:10:004:30:007:40:00
Master WomenFull42:001:04:451:35:003:20:004:45:008:05:00
Grand Master WomenFull48:451:10:001:40:003:35:005:00:008:40:00

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* On the attainment on one of the above standards.
* Full Colours can be attained for representing Western Province three times and Half Colours for representing Western Province twice.
(NB.: Colours are only presented once, thereafter verbal recognition only).

* On the attainment of any three full colour standards during the period of one calendar year.
* Only A.S.A. sanctioned events will be eligible. No splits (i.e. Marathon time during the
“Two Oceans”) will be acceptable.

IT IS THE ATHLETES’ RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM THE CLUB WHEN HE/SHE FEELS THAT THEY ARE ELIGIBLE. A Register will be kept of those who have attained Colours and Honours. Retrospective Awards will not be made. Honours may also be awarded for outstanding service to the VOB Club at the discretion of the club committee.

Club Competitions


This competition was introduced into our Club Awards in 1989 by our ex- Club Captain / Chairman, Dave Lotter, without any written rules, but with the understanding that it should be kept simple to administer (in those days Dave did it manually) and fair to all our members. Since then the enthusiasm has grown and many of our members are nowadays proudly wearing the coveted T-shirts, but the “mysterious” rules are now being questioned. With this in mind, we are now publishing these proposed rules and unless any objections are brought to our attention, they will be implemented as they are.

  • A minimum of 20 VOB runners must complete the race.
  • The race must be sanctioned by WPRR and appear in the WPA official fixture list. Any new races that do not appear in this list will not necessarily count and will be left to the discretion of the Committee.
  • The race must take place within approximately 60 km from Cape Town. (e.g. – Paarl / Strand / Somerset West / etc.,) and any other W.P. Safari League races falling outside this radius, e.g.. – SAD Half Marathon, Wellington – Saldanha Half Marathon, Saldanha
  • Only official race results received will be used to calculate points to be awarded.
  • Points are allocated to the top ten VOB finishers in the following manner: 10 points to the 1st finisher, 9 points to the 2nd finisher, etc., ……1 point to the 10th finisher.


In 1995 we introduced the Top 10 Ladies Competition to add some spice to our very talented ladies which is also proving very successful even though the prize structure is still being looked at. Due to the computer programme in place at the time, the race dedicated for the Top 10 VOB Runners automatically allocated points to the Top 10 VOB Ladies as well even though in many cases there were less than 10 ladies reflected on the results.

Our Club has now acquired a new programme which enables us to differentiate between our Top 10 Runners and our Top 10 Ladies and we are therefore proposing that all the above rules will also apply for the ladies with the following additional condition: A minimum of 10 ladies must complete the race. B.: Prizes will only be awarded to the top 5 ladies.