LSD Sparrows - Sunday LSD Runners

The LSD Sparrows group is primarily made up of those runners who are training for the longer races, such as marathon and ultra-marathon distances. Established in 2010, LSD Sparrows is a recognised Totalsports VOB mandated group, that has over the years attracted runners from many other clubs in the Province and embraces the idea of “UBUNTU – We are because you are”.

LSD Sparrows organise Sunday runs at different starting points, throughout the year and whilst the runs are not supported by formal water tables, most routes are organised where water can be found along the way (carrying of water is always recommended though). Runs are planned to embrace the idea of “Long, Slow, Distance” training and the average pace of the group is between 5.45min/km and 6.00min/km. NO ONE ever gets left behind and regular re-grouping ensures the safety of all.

The group is administered jointly by Thomas Andrews and Dave Waywell and an active What’s App group has been established to provide full information on upcoming runs and other activities that would benefit long distance training. The LSD Sparrows runners are very friendly and enjoy loads of fun whilst out there training. All runners are welcome. Contact the club secretary for further information…