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2024 Track & Field Selection Criteria

Revised 2024 Track & Field Standards

Important message from Western Province Masters Athletics Association and South African Masters Athletics.


❗️ Please note: This is applicable to ALL WP Masters Athletes ❗


✨💥✨️ Dearest WP Masters Athletes ✨💥✨

As we are preparing for our first Leo Benning Masters Athletics Meeting on Saturday, 14 January 2023, it is also important to make sure we are registered with WPMAA and SAMA for the year 2023… 😁☺️😁

THIS is going to be a BiiiiiiiG year for Masters Athletics in our Province! 💥👌💥

Please find the registration link for WPMAA & SAMA for 2023:

Please press on the link and it should give you the option to open the link.

Please complete the information.

Please attach the proof of payment (POP) and
All NEW Members, please submit a copy of your ID, please and thank you.

1. You need to register with a WPA affiliated Athletics Club
(The Club will register you with ASA and give you your 2023 ASA license / number)
2. Then you register with WPMAA (Western Province Masters Athletics Association) and SAMA (South African Masters Association).

The 2023 Fees:
Registration with WPMAA = R100.00 and
Registration with SAMA = R175.00
TOTAL: R275.00

We, at WPMAA, will be responsible to register you at SAMA and pay the fees to SAMA as well. Making things easier… 😊

You will find the banking details on the link provided 👍

Please feel free to send me your questions any time. I will reply as soon as it is possible.

Be prepared, Awesome Athletes!! 👍
Be VERY prepared… 👊
This is going to be a very busy 2023!! 😉☺️😉

Sanet ☺️

WPMAA Secretary
Cell: 082 737 6801