Running Groups

We have various paced groups that allow for any runner or walker to find their perfect fit!

Tuesday and Thursday Groups

Tuesdays & Wednesday, 18:00 (Summer) / 17:45 (Winter)

Totalsports VOB has a place for any runner. Whether you are looking to start from scratch or enjoy speeding through the winding roads of the Southern Suburbs, you will find a group to suit your needs. We have dedicated group leaders who take groups out at varying paces every Tuesday & Thursday evening.

Wednesday Time Trial

Wednesdays, 17:45 for walkers & 18:00 for runners (Summer); 17:30 for walkers & 17:45 for runners (Winter)

Every Wednesday afternoon we host a 5km time trial. This program is run under the watchful eye of Lynette Bazeley. Lynett (Lynette’s name is mis-spelt here) has been organising the time trials for the last 22 years, so she is well schooled in all the arrangements that are part of the time trial.


Tuesday and Thursday group runs, Wedneday Time Trial

Totalsports VOB’s walking group comprises beginners who walk at about 10 and a half minutes a kilometre, speedy and seasoned race walkers who have achieved National and Provincial colours, and have represented Western Province and South Africa in this discipline, and most importantly those walkers in-between who make up the core of our group.

Saturday Table Mountain Trailers

Saturday mornings

Table Mountain Trailers’ motto is “Fast enough to get there, slow enough to enjoy”. This sums up our group’s approach to recreational trail running. Our runs are not always particularly easy and often we tackle steep trails up the mountain, but we do stop frequently to re-group and to appreciate the view or examine some object of interest. In a nutshell, we enjoy jogging along our magnificent mountain trails with like-minded people, watching the sun rise over the mountains or the sea, whatever the weather. Lively banter and a sense of humour are part of the compulsory kit.

LSD Sparrows

Sunday mornings

The LSD Sparrows group is primarily made up of those runners who are training for the longer races, such as marathon and ultra-marathon distances. Established in 2010, LSD Sparrows is a recognised Totalsports VOB mandated group, that has over the years attracted runners from many other clubs in the Province and embraces the idea of “UBUNTU – We are because you are”.

Sunday Stars

Sunday mornings

Sunday Stars is a group of runners that meet just about every Sunday for a run or a walk. It is as much of a social as it is a running group, and the pace varies greatly from walkers to shufflers to joggers to runners.